Opis miejsca


1 paragraf- podajemy ogólną informację o miejscu (położenie), można także podać cel dla którego opisujemy to miejsce

2 paragraf - opisujemy wygląd - co się rzuca na pierwszy rzut oka, należy także skupić się na szczegółach i cechach szczególnych dla danego miejsca

3 paragraf - podsumowanie (możesz polecić komuś odwiedzenie tego miejsca)

Dobre rady:

Używaj dużą ilość przymiotników np: enermous, delightful

Spróbuj pobudzić wszystkie zmysły u osoby, która czyta opis

możesz używać pytania retoryczne

możesz uwzglęnić reakcje ludzi na to miejsce

Przydatne słówka:

impressive, crowded streets, icy cold air, tall buildings, colourful stalls,

przykładowe wypracowanie:

To my mind, the most well-known landmark in my country is Cracow. To your information, I would like to mention that it’s one of the most prodigious and oldest cities in Poland. It’s no wonder that this city brings thousands of Polish and foreign holidaymakers every year, particularly during the roasting hot summer months, never loses it own unique charm. You can see and admire bewildering variety of impressive sights ranging from St. Mary's Vasilica, the Cloth Hall, to the Wawel, there.

I had an unrivalled opportunity to visit Cracow during my last holidays. I reached Cracow by train and thanks to it I admired some unforgettable views. One of the most spellbinding views was the sight of the picturesque Vistula River. The greenish trees, the bluish sky and the grayish bridge were reflected in the river's smooth surface. In the distance I noticed a weeny boat. I was astounded at how beautiful the Vistula River can be. When I went off at the railway station I heared the bustle of the hordes of people and their excited voices. I had the impression that I was somewhere abroad because I ecountered people from different nationalities for instance: the Spanish, the British etc.

The most famous part of the Cracow is the Main Market Square. You won't believe it, but it has a two hundred meter square and thanks to its dimension, it become the largest place in Europe. This site is full of beans, because there are scads of buskers who sing or play music. Moreover, the mime artists who use their mime, amuse the passers-by. Tha pavement cafes and restaurants spread out welcoming visitors with refreshments and ice-cream. Soft music and quiet covnersation create a relaxing atmosphere. Tha Market Place is famous for pigeons. You can hear their wings flutter from time to time. The most recognizable monument is St. Mary's Basilica. At midday you can hear a trumpet being called the heynal which is played from the top of the tallest tower.
Another worth seeing architectural complex is the Wawel which is situated on the hill, on the left bank of the Vistula River. The halls and the exquisite chambers are filled with priceless art and rare ancient objects. You can also see the Zygmunt bell which is big ass porn suspended inside the Zygmunt's Tower at Wawel Cathedral. It is sleek and cold to the touch.

In a nutshell, I strongly recommend to those who are in search of the place with many impressive monuments. You can also enriche your knowledge about Polish history.

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