Opis osoby po angielsku


1 paragraf- dajemy ogólną informację o osobie np: imię, wiek, można także dodać powód dla ktorego chcemy ją opisać

2 paragraf - opisujemy wygląd, cechy charakteru z przykładami, zainteresowania

3 paragraf - podsumowanie


Jakie czasy użyć?

Jeżeli opisujesz osobe z przeszłości używaj czasu: Past Simple. Natomiast jeśli opisujesz osobę (jej obecny wygląd) używaj czasu Present Simple

Przydatne słówka:

face: lesbian porn oval, round,
hair: ginger, curly, blond
nose: croocked
age: middle aged, young, elderly

prsonality: (osobowość)

a) pozytywne: helpful, patient, polite, generous, mature, interesting, friendly, fair, outgoing
b) negatywne: impatient, impolite, mean, immature,

przykładowe wypracowanie:


The person whom I would like to describe is Andrzej Wajda. He was born and raised in Suwałki. Wajda is not only one of the best known Polish film directors, but also a major figure of Central European cinema.


He is a man of medium height in his eighties with strained, brown, deep-set eyes which show his friendliness. What attracts our attention is his smile (like a Cheshire cat), which seems to light up his whole oval face. As a result of being advanced in years, he has flowing, white hair. What is more, wrinkles have found their place on his clean-shaven face. He wears lightweight, metal glasses due to the fact that he has a poor sight. Wajda tends to wear stunning suits which complement his slender figure. What is more, he always manages to look smart as he fends for his image.


However, behind his impeccable appearance Andrzej Wajda is a decent and good-natured person. Nowadays, he is respected by a lot of people for his flawless movies. His deep sensitivity is revealed to us in the subject of many of his films the war, the atrocities of Nazizm and the tragedies brought by communism.During World War II he lost his father who was murdered by Soviets. At thet time, all his problems paled in comparison to his father's death. He presents this history from the perspective of mothers, wives and daughters in his film '' Katyn''.


The main reason I admire Wajda is that he is proud of the fact that he was born and bred in Suwałki. Moreover one of his films was set in Suwalszczyzna, inasmuch he wanted to show the beauty of these picturesque landscapes, lakes and forests, which reminds of his childchood. What is more, he calls a spade a spade and he doesn't beat about the bush. Apart from this he has never flown off the handle and constanly keeps his wits about him.

All in all, I think that he deserves to be respected for his contribution to the development of Polish industry.

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